Saturday, March 27, 2010

We all live in a yellow submarine...

So, Thanks to Monica I tried out this great new bread recipe (new to me anyway).  It was much easier than one I had previously tried, and instead of sugar, it called for honey! Excited to try my new bruschetta recipe on this bread!

Today, my neighborhood had a neighborhood yard sale!  Here are a few of the steals I got!

Big steal: Beatles CD's for 50 cents  a piece!

50 cents for the set!
I decided to try to spruce up our back patio a little bit...not only do I think the neighbors would appreciate it (we share it with them, I'd only be sprucing up our half) but it'd be a nice place to sit and eat dinner this summer!

Well...I guess that just about covers it, I got some other goodies, but this is all I took photos of....oh, and I should mention, I was joined by my lovely friend Joanne!  That always makes things much more fun!


  1. Hubby says that walking up to the dragnfly hooks, they look like real bugs...oh well..I like them =)

  2. 1. your bread looks delicious, i want a slice:)
    2. c.s lewis and the beatles = .50c = great buy:)
    3. love the dragonflies

    i had a lot of friend, thank you.

  3. you had a lot of friend? are you saying I'm fat? hahahahaa...juuuuuuust kidding.

    You should come get a slice! and some basil too!

    i think want to listen to the beatles now!

    when my patio is in its prime, we'll have to have lazy summer afternoons and sit there drinking tea and eating yummy food!

  4. A lot of friend! You are cracking me up! Your bread looks so yummy!!!!!!!!! Awesome. I love all your yard sale finds. How fun!!!

  5. I like your raw wild honey!!!!! I miss fresh and easy :(

  6. Hahahaha..I couldn't help but point that out *sheepish grin*

    there isn't a fresh and easy in pennsylvania?

  7. i had a lot of fun!!! how funny i wrote that. i was probably thinking of saying... i had a lot of fun friend!
    yeah, that was it;)