Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ever since I watched P.S. I Love You a couple of years ago, I have wanted a white dresser.  I loved that the husband and wife had their own dressers, his black, hers white, and each seemed to express their individual style.  Since we already had a black dresser I was determined to get a white one! I wanted a vintage one...shabby chic-ish...and I looked for one on craigslist.  Fast forward 2 years and I FINALLY thought I had found one I could afford!  When we went to buy it I realized it was more off white...with a yellowish trim.  DARN!

BUT, it was a great price, SO, i bought it anyway!  I had sold a couple of chairs on craigslist, so it only cost the paint and the new knobs!  Here is the finished project!  I LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Chair

Last year I decided I was going to spruce up our little patio.  Not only have I added plants (my newest are greek oregano and tomato).  I found this chair the first year I was married, in an alley near our home and grabbed it.  I always meant to paint it but after a move and my recent sickness, I never got to it!  I wanted to paint it red, and instead of buying new paint, I used leftover paint from my son's bedroom!   i LOVE the result, and even my husband who wanted it to remain unpainted liked it too!  Whatcha think?


mother's day gift

So, now that my little one is getting a little older and doesn't need me quite every second, I am starting to DO THINGS!!  After being so sick for so long, I am ENJOYING cleaning my house and getting things DONE! Today is Mother's Day, and I put together a special little something for my friend Joanne.  Joanne loves handmade things...nad on a few occasions, while treasure hunting at thift stores with her, I have seen her buy needlepoints to hang in her home.  SO, when I saw this, I HAD to get it for her!

The frame was a weird bendy wood-like plastic...thing.  And the back was from a shoe box....SO...I thought I would make it a little nicer!  With this:

I was really happy with the result and so we my lovely friend!!!

Happy Mother's Day!