Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Summer!

I'm getting a little obsessive about succulents lately.  I spent part of this morning daydreaming about them on Pinterest. I the only one who REALLY wants a fountain or bird bath filled with succulents?  I even looked on craigslist, but didn't find any (translated, didn't find any for free or super cheap). So, I walked around the house til I found something on a much smaller scale that would work, then spent naptime digging up some goodies around the yard!  I love the result, it's going to go in my bedroom to make me happy in the mornings :).  I'm already on the search for containers I'm not really using I can put plants in and put around the house.  I want some more life in here.  Especially with the heat coming, I'd like a little of the outdoors I've learned to love to join me inside! Happy Summer!