Monday, April 29, 2013

low calorie vegetarian meal- eggs and zucchini

It's only been the last couple of years that I learned to love zucchini. I'm pretty sure it was making and tasting baby food for my little one that got me hooked. Then came the fun part of summer when everyone's garden is overflowing with veggies they beg people to take home, that's when I learned you can even bake with the squash!  Well, one day, while making eggs with veggies (you know, onions, tomatos, pepper, etc) I threw in some zucchini and discovered it's pretty good with eggs!


-3 medium eggs (mine are cage free and organic)
-1 small zucchini (support your local farmers!)
-3 corn tortillas (so, with all the gmo madness around, I am really wanting to find organic products I can use to make my own...keep an eye out for a post about that sometime this summer)
-1 clove of garlic
-spices (I used freshly ground pepper, a little sea salt, dried cilantro and chili powder)
-salsa, tapatio, tabasco (optional)

Simply chop up the garlic and zucchini, whisk with the eggs and spices, scramble in a pan (do this on a lower heat, you want the zucchini to have enough time to cook without burning the eggs) and serve with warm tortillas and your choice of salsa!

Total calories (not counting salsa): 355!  with salsa its more like 400.

 Still room for a little something sweet!  Of COURSE, I mean something healthy like yogurt...who likes chocolate anyway?  (tries to convince self)

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