Monday, June 11, 2012


Yes,  I changed the look...AGAIN.  But, I figured out (after hours or trying) how to make blog headers. I left this one pretty simple. I spent lots of time on one for my friend's blog for her hair business. I spent lots more time (we're talkin' lots and lots and LOTS) of time on my photography blog.  In my defense, it was the first blog I worked on ;).  I am pretty excited that I know how to do this now!  I might change them seasonly, or, if I get bored monthly...but, really, with a toddler, I don't get that bored! 

Life with a toddler...what a subject.  I now have very few friends who actually take the time to spend time with me. I can't drop everything at a moment's notice to go hang out now, and the friends that understand, and still try to schedule things, or drop everything to hang out with me when I spontaneosly call because my husband has the day off...they are GEMS!   I have been able to do some crafting here and there, and when I can find my poor camera's battery charger, I'l start taking photos and sharing, and maybe even start sharing recipes again!  I once again find myself so over facebook, and wanting to blog more.  So...if you read this, thank you, cause otherwise, I'd be talking to no one...and I do that enough as it is ;)


  1. Toddlers really do have a way of messing with one's social calendar don't they! Look forward to seeing your crafts!

  2. Awww, I'm sorry you're feeling a little lonely. And yes, toddlers really do mess with social calenders, and work calenders, and date calenders. Sigh. But darn they are so worth it.

  3. I love the header... it's clean, simple yet beautiful. It's been 2 years that I haven't been through your blog... I used to read it daily. However, reading your blog today. Your baby is beautiful... I too have kinda stopped blogging... same reason.. I have a 7 months old baby... He and my job don't leave me any time to blog. Today, I kinda decided to visit the past and it feels great reading the blogs, I used to.