Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Marvelous Journey of Edward Tulane

Now that I am a mother, I am rediscovering a love for children's books.  I have revisited the ones I had as a young girl, placing them on my own child's shelf for the future, and I am discovering new literary treasures for the young, and young at heart :).

A very close friend of mine gave me this book for my last birthday, and I read it very quickly!  At first I expected a story like the velveteen rabbit, but then I met Edward.  Edward Tulane, an opulant china rabbit loved by a little girl.  His journey takes him from her well to do home on Egypt Street to the depths of the sea and depths of despair.  He loses his pride and comfort and is challenged to learn to love and feels it deeply when faced with loss.  The end leaves a sweet smile on your face and a tinge of warmth in your heart.  I am proud to put this little book on my child's shelf to be enjoyed by our family for years to come!

Now...on to my next read!  ;)

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