Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm grumpy, I'm queasy and gosh darnit, I am gonn COMPLAIN about it!  I am having one of those days. One of those days where the nausea is just so HEAVY, where I cannot get myself dressed and out into the beautiful day outside.  I have already been mad and cried today, because I am SICK of nausea.  SICK OF BEING SICK!!!  I just want to hold my beautiful baby already and feel BETTER!! I KNOW it is almost over, but, really, if you had been nauseous for a long period of time, and someone said you ONLY have 7 weeks left of it....yea...while 33 weeks has been an eternity, 7 weeks is STILL a LONG FREAKING TIME!

Ok...I am done...I just had to let that out.  I hate being pregnant, I hate hypermesis, I hate that I cannot enjoy carrying my child in my body, I hate that it makes me wonder if I will ever have more children and I hate that not many people understand.


  1. I appreciate yur honesty. I feel the same frustration for different reasons.