Monday, November 8, 2010

Ups and Downs


I have been listening to this video Joanne put on her blog a few days ago.  Leo likes the Cure, and is made me think of him ♥

I had a craving today.  With the hyperemesis, food usually totally grosses me out but I HAD to have my pasta sauce, MY pasta sauce, the sauce I make from scratch and hadn't made in seven months.  With the help of my awesome hubby (my chopper) I was able to make and hit the spot.  Praise God for small victories.

Tomorrow marks 29 weeks...little by little we are getting there...can't wait to end this season of my life so I can start with the new one that's approaching!

I was glad my honey didn't have school today, I needed an evening in his presence...sometimes I just need to be near him. ♥


Today was a grumpy, I am tired of being pregnant and sick sort of day.

Then I had to go tot he DMV and deal with a woman with an attitude.  I have enough hormones and attitude, I didn't need hers....and it took everything within me to not tell her so...RAWR.

Then I realized I forgot my medicine at home.

Then my flip flop broke.

Then the oinions being cut made my eyes burn.

Yes, Scarlet tomorrow is another's hoping for more Ups than Downs!  ♥


  1. Yay! You made the pasta sauce:)
    I forget to thank God for the small victories, thank you for the reminder.
    Soon you will be holding your dear son in your arms.
    Seasons do change!

  2. I like your "realness" Hilary. one day at a time.