Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Passing along my love of books ♥

This little boy is going to be a reader...I PROMISE.  He is going to be read to (already is) and I WILL instill the love of reading him...I PROMISE.  I even buy him his own books!  I PROMISE!  See for yourself!

I found this adorable little set from 1965 at my favorite little used bookstore.  I kept trying to deny myself purchasing it...but, I failed...and I am SO happy I did!!!  These are awesome!  They have two stories in each book, one right side up and the other upside down, so you have to read it from the other end...I hope that makes sense.  So 9, physical books, 18 actual books, at fifty cents a piece it was $4.50!

Dear Son...stop kicking me so much, I rock as a mom! 


  1. What a great series you got!! I am sure your son will be the best little reader around:)
    What a deal...you do rock!!

  2. What fun books. My mom read to me and all my sibling growing up and we all love a good book to this day. And you do rock.

  3. I love those books! You will have to tell me where that store is or go with me sometime. Cole LOVES Tom Sawyer. He is such the little reader. When ever we get new "stories" books on CD from the library, he puts them right in and wants to listen all day when we get home. I read his first chapter book to him at 2, Charlotte's Web.