Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Secret Garden.

Ok, so it isn't secret, but I wanted to have a witty/literary title.  My little seedlings are getting bigger!  And my little collection has grown. Now, not only is there Basil and the two tomato plants, but now I have oregano and two chive plants!  The poor lil chives look like grass, but they'll grow. And, tehy best part of all--None of them are dead!!!!  Maybe I should add "yet" to that sentence.  I am surprised I have been able to keep them all alive and green this long!  I am hoping to get some soil and transplant my little green friend into bigger pots and putting them outside (with my little creeping charlie plant who has suffered so much and still bounced back like a champ...I call him charlie).  Here are some pictures of my little plant family...suddenly I feel like watching the Happening...this could get creepy. 


  1. i <3 your garden. i might add that charlie tastes yummy!!

  2. no no no, basil tastes yummy, charlie isn't a plant we eat...charlie has problems, hahaha