Monday, April 19, 2010

Skin Deep

Which side do you prefer?
The side with foundation, concealer, eye liner,shadow, blush, gloss and mascara?
The side with what was a pimple a few days ago, dark circle and ponytail?

I was thinking abou beauty today.  There is so muchbeauty around us.  Not only are we surrounded with beautiful sights of mountains, valleys and bodies of water, we are also surrounded with what our society (whatever society you find yourelf in) tells is is beautiful.  Sure, Angelina's big blue eyes are stunning.  Olivia's thin frame fits any outfit wonderfully.   Who wouldn't want Amy's hair?  But, who decided they were beautiful in the first place?  Who says my lips have to be nice and full, my body has to be 40 punds lighter than it is and my hair has to hold a curl for me to be loved?  Who says I have to put on make-up when I walk out of the door?  In an age where celebrity's mistresses are offered reality tv shows and paparrazzi stalk housewives with eight kids, do I really care what these people say I need to look like?

Do I really want to be like or look like someone the Bible would describe as " are  like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men's bones..." (this is in no way saying I think the previously mentioned women accepted as beautiful by our society are in this category, only God know the heart)  I think sometimes I tend to get caught up in the outward.  Yes, I need to take care of myself, to be healthy, to look nice for my husband, but, I also want to be a woman of virtue.  I want to be loving.  I want to be selfless.  I want to be a good wife, daughter and friend.

Just a thought.  Just a moment of my day.  Just something the Lord showed me.  Just a desire to strive to grow closer to my Maker.  Just a desire to be transformed, renewed.
Thank you, Lord, I needed this reminder today. 


  1. beautiful words hilary!
    you are a woman of virtue. selfless, a good wife to your husband and great friend. thank you.

  2. I love both the sides cause each side has it's own beauty. As a whole if I look at the pic, I definitely prefer the right side with no makeup. However, if I put my two fingers on each one of the eyes separately then I prefer both of them in their own way. Without makeup you are simple are innocent, too far from the high society look. With makeup you look as if you are with the pace of the society. Just as we do not prefer to wear a formal shirt-trouser in party, similarly we don't prefer to wear makeup when we are mourning or enjoying momets with our closest people, who know who you are from within. I just love both the eyes...