Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, we went to Vegas for the weekend.  We were leaving the MGM (got to see the lion exhibit...BIG kitties) and decided to go to the top of the parking structure.  Initially we wanted to take the elevator from the top (7th floor) to where we were parked on the 2nd...the elevator had a window, so it was like a free amusement park ride.  It's ok, we're lame, we know it.  When we go to the top we walked out of the elevator and realized the lot was totally was kind of eerie, but breathtaking too! It had a great view, so we pulled out the camera and started taking pictures...that is, until a security guard in a bright yellow jacket rode his bike to us...

"We don't normally get people in the employee parking lot"


He didn't seem to believe that we didn't know we were in a place we weren't allowed to be.  Maybe they shouldn't make it so accessible?

Anyway, apparently "surveillance" wanted to know what we were up to.  We quickly apologized (to the man who didn't believe us) and made our way back to the elevator.  At least we have a story to tell!  Enjoy the view...cause you aren't allowed to be there!!!

P.S.  special thanks to MGM "surveillance" for totally creeping me out.


  1. you guys are up to no good;) leo is having the time of his life, very cool!
    love your pics.

  2. 1. I love Vegas! Did you eat yummy food? We don't really gamble (ok so maybe a $20 bill has slipped into the Monopoly game once or twice), we just eat when we go to Vegas!
    2. Your photos are so great, I love them. <3 Nice shots!
    3. There are a lot of creepy people in Vegas!


  3. I love Vegas!!! Mostly because I love to eat, and there are tons of amazing restaurants! Ok, so maybe a $20 has slipped into the Monopoly game, but only on accident ;0

    I love your photos, they are awesome! Nice shots! There are a lot of things about Vegas that creep me out!


  4. The food is always great! Yum!