Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspiration ♥

So, as I watched Julie & Julia for the second time, I ran to the kitchen, i had to try to make what Julie and Eric were eating on screen.  I didn't have the all ingredients it appeared she had, but I was enormously happy witht he result.  It last just long enough out of the oven before I scarfed it down-YUM!

My recipe:
Two slices of whole grain wheat bread
2 small classic tomatoes
3 fresh basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar
jack cheese

i coated a frying pan with butter, toasted the bread in it until desiredly brown
chopped tomatoes, chopped basil and combined ina bowl with just enough olive oil and vinegar to coat it.
placed the bread on my baking stone thingy (coated with olive oil) and covered with the tomato concoction.  Drizzle with leftover oil and vinegar from bottom of bowl, and top with finely shredded cheese.  Put in the oven at 350 for a few minutes (when the cheese starts melting)  and EAT!
"bon appetit!"


  1. YUMMMM! I must try this!!!
    Love your blog :)

  2. mmmmmm it was really good! and sooo easy! I tried to bribe Joanne into coming over tomorrow with promises of this for lunch..haha. Thanks! I love yours too!

  3. looks delicious:) can't wait for you to make this for me!!