Friday, March 26, 2010

Broken Record ♥

I feel like a broken record.  I have this tendency.  I have made a practice of, when speaking to a friend, relaying a story, pausing mid-sentence and asking that friend "Have I told you this before?"

I am also a broken record in my entertainment.  Seriously...have you noticed I have watched Julie and Julia for the past three days?  As I type it is playing behind this window on netflix...seriously.  When I like a song, I listen to it constantly until I can sing it by memory.

So, today, as I watched Julie and Julia, I moseyed over to the real Julie Powell's blog.  While I have done a little research and am not a huge fan of Julie herself, I identified greatly with the fictional Julie from the movie.  Anyway, I was reading part of the blog, which hasn't been added tool since Julia Child's death in 2004, and I read about how Julia Child didn't even take a cooking class until she was 37.  37.  I am not even 24 yet, and I feel so old.  At times, when I am at home, doing my housewife thing (which I do love) I look at my life.  I am married...which was probably what I wanted most out of life, and am so happy that I am, and to the man of my dreams, I am so blessed.  But then I look at my lack of schooling...not currently in school but planning on going back, working on my AA.  I look at my empty home, no children, not expecting..and I can't help but wonder if life is passing me by.  I know that I am in a season, a season in which the Lord willl teach me a lot.  And, today, I was encouraged, I was encouraged by a woman who has been dead for six years.  A woman who started something that would change her life...when she was 37.  So, today, as I head out to run errands, I think, I have a lot of living left, and a lot of opporunities ahead.  Who says you have to do your biggest things in life right out of high school...who says society has to define youtha nd beauty and success.  I am a housewife, and I am happy.  Julia Child started cooking classes for her husband and her love of food, not to impact the cooking, I am going to start small and start at home (while watching Julie and Julia again and again)! 

So there!  And Bon Appetit!


  1. hilary- you are so cute! god has a plan for you and that plan is today:) you are where he has you. your future is secure in him, what great plans he has for you! so exciting:)
    and you are not a broken record, you have things on your heart, you share them and that is all.
    not broken:)

  2. very broken, very very VERY! BUT... broken with a purpose...I'm ready to be molded!

  3. okay broken:) me too!!