Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Geeky Cool

I think Charlie Brown and I are linked.
I'm not sure what it is, but I have some mad love for this kid. Lately my life and those in it have become a Peanuts metaphor. I am Sally and I love Linus. Although, MY Linus looks like Pigpen when he gets home from work, but that's ok.
I am always drawn to simple stories that are rooted deep in human emotion, I think Charlie Brown takes me there. One of my many aspirations is to write children's books one day (you know, alongside with my couple of ideas for great classic modern novels, making my little Arbonne side business boom and becoming a famous stage actress). I even have an illustator for when I do (which reminds me I should make sure he's still in).
I have so many desires, so many dreams, and while I feel time has passed me by so quickly and life has beaten me up a little, I still dream. Some people look at dreamers and scoff, but my dreams, in a way, define who I am and who God has made me.
So, I happily escape reality for a little while to dream of visiting Europe one day, walking along an English countryside imagining walking with Elizabeth Bennet to the Bingley's rented mansion. Visting the place where Shakespeare was born and grew up, the place that shaped the mind of a literary genius. I dream of putting my own pen to paper and touching the hearts of people I've never met. I dream of creating my own Charlie Brown, to be the subject of someone else's blog someday. I think Charlie would be proud♥

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