Monday, February 1, 2010

Although I love how creative and imaginative I can be at times it frustrates me. I have SO many thoughts whirring around in my head. My brain is like one of those machines you ca stand it and wildly grabd for the cash that's floating around you. I can't seem to find an outlet, be it art, writing, photography I can never reproduce my thoughts exaclty as they exist in the realm of my mind, and that frustrates me. Aside from all things artistic, I have so many emotions that are the same. I find myself trying to figure life out, my place in it, my loves, beliefs, faith, etc....and I get kind of lost.
I feel like a confident woman on the outside, taking care of the daily things, dinner, dishes, laundry, but on the inside I think I am still that teenage girl caught between adulthood and childhood, trying to find my place in life. And, in an attempt to iron out all my issues I am going to try to blog one really reads my blog, but I have decided blogging is more for me than for anyone randomly finding me in cyberspace.
Here's to blogging for yourself...oh, and cupcakes!


  1. To my Love,
    You are the person God created you to be....i adore and want to express that in many ways....
    Your faithful Husband